by Ann Strickland


As we make our own way this summer, finding ways to prayerfully engage with and support our local environment, there are so many musical ways to enliven our experiences. First thing—unplug! Take those earbuds out and listen to the wind and the birds, and the sounds of water and silence around you. Listen deeply. Close your eyes. Take it in and let it inform and inspire you. Then, maybe after many days of deep listening, give this Spotify playlist a go. Maybe there will be some inspiration there, too. Listen deeply. Ponder the words, and then just get lost in the music.


Follow the Sun

by Xavier Rudd

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Cave by the Ocean

by CoryaYo

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All things are possible
Under the light of the moon.” 

― C. Churchill, Petals of the Moon: A Poetry Collection


Mercy, Mercy Me

by Marvin Gaye

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People Get Ready

by Curtis Mayfield
sung by Aretha Franklin

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One Love

by Bob Marley

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Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth will find reserves of strength that endure as long as life lasts.”

― Rachel Carson


Do the Right Thing

by Ages to Ages

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One Fine Day

by David Byrne and David Eno

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“We never shape the world… the world shapes us.”

Toni Morrison, A Mercy 


How Far I’ll Go

by Lin-Manuel Miranda
sung by Alessia Cara

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Love Song to the Earth

by various artists

Learn more about Love Song to the Earth

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Ann Strickland is a musician and liturgist who has worked with the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Olympia for 25 years. Ann coordinated music and liturgy for the 2019 Youth Creation Care Pilgrimage and continues to help with the plans for the pilgrimage in 2021.

Deep Listening

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